Sundrella Outdoor Furnishings

Nardi Auroroa Chair

The Auroroa Chair's lattice criss-cross pattern compliments the outdoors while the smart, sustainable materials reflect expert craftsmanship. The resin top and aluminum base means the outdoor chair stands strong against severe weather conditions.

  • collection: Nardi
  • width: 22"
  • depth: 21"
  • height: 34"
  • seat height: 18.5"
  • stacking: Yes
  • materials: Polypropylene, Aluminum
  • product code: 60250.05.000
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Nardi Auroroa Chair

Additional Furnishings From The Nardi Collection



Collections of chairs and tables in colors that stay brilliant over time and are light, easy to clean, highly resistant to atmospheric agents, metamorphic in size and practical for winter storage.

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Sundrella Chairs

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Mirabella Arm Chair FSAL5725A
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Mirabella Arm Chair FSAL5625
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Mirabella Arm Chair FSAL5602
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Mirabella Arm Chair FSAL5624A
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Mirabella Dining Chair FSAL5800S
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Mariner Dining Chair
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Palm Beach Lounge Chair
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Cove Deep Seating Chair
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Cove Armless Chair
Aqua Resin Adirondack Chair
Aqua Resin Adirondack Chair
Vero Beach Lounge Chair
Vero Beach Lounge Chair
Aqua In Water Chair for Sun Deck
Aqua In Water Chair for Sun Deck
Wiltshire Chair
Wiltshire Chair
Mariner Arm Chair
Mariner Arm Chair
Nardi Artica Chair
Nardi Artica Chair
Nardi Artica Wicker Chair
Nardi Artica Wicker Chair
Nardi Bora Chair Anthrocite
Nardi Bora Chair Anthrocite
Nardi Bora Chair Café
Nardi Bora Chair Café
Nardi Bora Chair Red
Nardi Bora Chair Red
Nardi Bora Chair Tortora
Nardi Bora Chair Tortora
Nardi Bora Chair White
Nardi Bora Chair White
Mariner Side Chair
Mariner Side Chair
Mariner Padded Dining Chair With Arms
Mariner Padded Dining Chair With Arms
Canaveral Dining Arm Chair
Canaveral Dining Arm Chair
Canaveral Dining Side Chair
Canaveral Dining Side Chair
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Solana Stacking Dining Chairs
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Wiltshire Chair
Wiltshire Chair
Mariner Deep Seating Chair
Mariner Deep Seating Chair
Laguna Armless Dining Chair
Laguna Armless Dining Chair
Laguna Dining Chair
Laguna Dining Chair
Laguna Swivel Dining Chair
Laguna Swivel Dining Chair
Laguna Armless Club Chair
Laguna Armless Club Chair
Solana Club Chair
Solana Club Chair
Solana Armless Club Chair
Solana Armless Club Chair
Manhattan Dining Chair
Manhattan Dining Chair
Manhattan Armless Club Chair
Manhattan Armless Club Chair
Manhattan Club Chair
Manhattan Club Chair
Cardiff Club Chair
Cardiff Club Chair
Cardiff Dining Chair
Cardiff Dining Chair
Cardiff Swivel Rocking Club
Cardiff Swivel Rocking Club
Cardiff Armless Club Chair
Cardiff Armless Club Chair
La Jola Swivel Rocking Chair
La Jola Swivel Rocking Chair
Canaveral Lounge Chair
Canaveral Lounge Chair
Mariner Padded Dining Side Chair
Mariner Padded Dining Side Chair
Canaveral Armless Chair
Canaveral Armless Chair

Sundrella Chairs

All Sundrella chairs offer comfort, durability and can be customized to your needs. While classic comfort seating comes standard in all chairs, designers may also choose to upgrade to our deluxe deep seating options as well. Choose among sling, strap or cross weave options as well as designer hand-finishes to suit your unique style.

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