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Mirabella Bench

The 48" Bench makes a visual statement in any outdoor environment. The bold gray powder-coated aluminum frame complements the cool gray of the Tekwood vintage seat. The stacking bench features a simple, contemporary design of mixed materials. The powder-coated aluminum frame offers rust-proof, lightweight durability for any outdoor environment. The Tekwood in vintage provides the look of aged teak without the maintenance. This polystyrene material is a perfect wood-alternative solution to outdoor living.

  • collection: Mirabella
  • width: 46"
  • depth: 23"
  • height: 33.5"
  • seat height: 17.25"
  • stacking: Yes
  • materials: Tekwood, Aluminum
  • product code: TV48V
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Mirabella Bench

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The natural grain wood in our Shorea Wood collection provides instant calm with its minimalist lines. The Mirabella line adds a modern edge to traditional design. Undeniably inspiring and of the finest quality, Mirabella is available in complete seating, lounge and table options to suit the needs of your space.

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Our selection of outdoor benches are as unique as you are. Shop our extensive and versatile product line to find the design that suits your unique needs and design sensibilities.

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