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The 701 All Aluminum Umbrella

Our classic Sundrella 701 all aluminum umbrella is an outdoor pool and patio favorite. Retro in appearance, modern in design and quality, the 701 umbrella is solidly constructed from high quality materials to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions. Great for poolside and patio, these umbrellas are also a popular choice for outdoor cafés and beach-side venues. Available to purchase in a variety of bright colors, the 701 umbrellas can be mixed and matched with our other quality outdoor furniture.

  • width: 7'
  • depth: 7'
  • material: Aluminum
  • product code: 701
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The 701 All Aluminum Umbrella

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Sundrella Umbrellas

Sundrella Umbrellas

Provide guests with an enjoyable outdoor experience, protecting them from sun and showers. Select the functionality, style and color to customize any outdoor seating arrangement.

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