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Market Umbrella Middle Vent Half Inch Ribs

The perfect addition to any outdoor space, the nine foot with ½" rib Market Middle Vent Umbrella. Mix and match the umbrella and vent coloring to suit any design. 9 foot (with ½" or ¾" ribs) options available.
Fiberglass Frame Umbrellas available with two-piece fiberglass pole, one-piece fiberglass pole or one-piece powder-coated aluminum pole.

  • width: 9'
  • depth: 9'
  • material: Fiberglass
  • product code: 900FMA-MV
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Market Umbrella Middle Vent Half Inch Ribs

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Sundrella Umbrellas

Provide guests with an enjoyable outdoor experience, protecting them from sun and showers. Select the functionality, style and color to customize any outdoor seating arrangement.

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