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The Tower Of Fire Heater Hammered Black

The Tower of Fire Heater illuminates the night and keeps guests cozy and warm while enjoying an endless and magical evening. These fire heaters are safe and durable, available in stainless steel with a gray table, hammered black/black cherry table and bronze table as well as silver and hammered black.
Options available:
• D92SS: Stainless Steel
• D92SS-T: Stainless Steel Heater with Gray Table
• D92HB: Hammered Bronze Heater
• D92HB-T: Hammered Bronze Heater with Bronze Table
• D92BL: Hammered Black Heater
• D92BL-T: Hammered Black Heater with Black/Black Cherry Table

  • width: 24.5"
  • depth: 24.5"
  • height: 92"
  • product code: D92BL
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The Tower Of Fire Heater   Hammered Black

Sundrella Heaters

Sundrella Heaters

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